Sunday, January 15th

Starts at 11 AM at Bruce's 

9th Annual Champions of Life Rally Hosted by

Tyler Carron and Nikko Landeros


This year we are sponsoring Whitney Mitchel as she rehabs from multiple strokes caused by Vertebral Artery Dissections.  Whitney faces many challenges with months of rehabilitation and is currently at Craig Hospital in Denver, CO.  Please come join us on Sunday, January 15th for the 5K run, jog or walk.  We start at Bruce's bar at 11AM.  Register at the event - $15.00 per adult and $10.00 per child.  Tee-shirts will be available for $10 and all proceeds will go to Whitney's cause.  See information below if you would like to donate but cannot attend.  Thank you! Hope to see you there!

If you would like to donate but

cannot join us you can send a check to

Champion Life Rally


Severance, CO 80546


Hello, my name is Tyler Carron, I created my own website to help others. By sharing my story, I hope to inspire and encourage other amputee victims that life will continue and will be superior again. I want to share all my experiences both good and bad, so others victims understand the challenges they face are normal but achievable with lots of hard work, courage and strength.
I became a double amputee through a tragic car accident on January 15th, 2007 on a very cold evening in Berthoud, Colorado. I share my story with my best friend, Nikko Landeros who also became a double amputee that evening. My friends and I were on the way home from a high school dance and experienced a flat tire. We were standing in back of the vehicle retrieving the tire jack and were hit from behind. Nikko and I were pinned between the two vehicles and then thrown as the vehicles split apart. Our friends in the vehicle called 911 and two other friends that were coming to help us change the flat tire helped save our lives. We were transported by helicopter to the best trauma hospital in the State of Colorado and the doctors tried for many hours to save our legs. They made a life saving decision “a limb for a life” and for their decision I am grateful. I am still here today to share my life and with my brothers, Nikko, my family and my friends.
This past year has been quite a challenge but with my courage and strength, along with the support of my dad, mom, two brothers Will and Kyle, my very large close family and the support from friends and strangers throughout the community; I have triumphed. I want to personally thank Dr. Hoyt and his staff of the best prosthetic doctors, Sylvia at Spalding Rehabilitation and her staff for teaching me how to walk and Dr.Stahl and the entire staff at Denver Health Medical Center for saving my life. Also, all the people who prayed for me, contributed and participated in the countless fundraiser events. I will be forever grateful!
I was released from the hospital, after having 13 surgeries, one month after arriving. I was honored at the State Wrestling Tournament, (before the accident I was a top ranked wrestler in the state). I was fitted with new prosthetic legs on February 22 and then with new “C” legs on April 10. I walked to receive my high school diploma on graduation day only four months after my accident. I spent countless hours in therapy and have really surprised myself of how this accident has made my personality and outlook on life stronger. I am determined to achieve the best that I can and have met many other amputees who have taught me the inspiration to never give up. I was recently already fitted for running legs on October 28 and cannot wait to start training for running events. As my life has continued, I have attended Front Range Community College in Fort Collins, gone skiing and wakeboarding, went on vacation to Hawaii and hiked to a waterfall, was an usher in my cousin’s wedding, played golf in a Berthoud HS tournament and more. Please read my Journal for more updates.
Please browse my web site, read countless news articles and learn more about the challenges and resources of dealing with the loss of a limb.

Enjoy some photos from past rallies and come join us the 15th for new memories